22.09.2018 Madagascar License Round
Pre-Announcement released.
Recent Spec Partners/BGP Offshore
Madagascar articles:

Hydrocarbon Potential (Geo-Expro)
Golden Zone (Geo Expro)

15.04.2016 Spec Partners announces
that the first Pan-Caribe combined
reflection / refraction data is available
for viewing

12.02.2016 Spec Partners announces
the availability of 715 km
plus 2,500km
of new data In East Indonesia.
We want to:

Bring responsible petroleum exploration and development to the nations

Bring quality exploration data to the oil companies

Bring economic projects to the contractors
The business concept of Spec Partners is to be a catalyst and an
organiser of geophysical Multi Client programs world wide. Our
partners in this endeavor are the governments, the oil companies
and the contractors.
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