Madagascar License Round Pre-Announcement Released
22.09.2018        OMNIS, in partnership with TGS and BGP, announced a
licensing round in Madagascar, to be launched at Africa Oil Week, 5-9th
November 2
018. Spec Partners Ltd is cooperating with BGP in the
of the Morondava 2013 seismic survey.

For more information:
BGP Multi-Client announcement

Links to recent Spec Partners / BGP publications on the Morondava:

Offshore Madagascar - Hydrocarbon potential (Geo-Expro 01-2018 Part 1)
Offshore Madagascar - The Golden Zone (Geo-Expro 02-2018 Part 2)
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For more information, email: Glyn Roberts

GWL and Spec Partners announce availability of
combined reflection / refraction data for viewing
15.04.2016        Spec Partners announces that the first Pan-Caribe
combined reflection/refraction data is available for viewing. Lines are
located in the Guyana and St. vincent region (location shown in red).

For more information, email:
Glyn Roberts

Spec Partners announce availability of new Multi Client
data north of Papua in Eastern Indonesia
12.02.2016         Spec Partners announces the availability of 715 km of
processed data from the NIJ-15 survey (yellow lines) and that additional
2,500km of processed data (red lines) will be available at the end of 2016.

For more information, email:
Charles Ramsden or Trond Christoffersen

Geotrace and Spec Partners announce Broadband data
for the Irish Licensing Round 2015
05.05.2015.         Geotrace in conjunction with Spec Partners has produced
a 10,000 km Broadband dataset for licensing to interested oil companies.
The dataset is a sub-set of the DECNR 2013-2014 regional survey and has
been enhanced using Geotrace's BE (Bandwidth Extension) technology.
AVO products are also available.

Download information:
Irish Broadband data 2015
For more information, email: Glyn Roberts

Spec Partners starts new MC survey in East Indonesia
07.04.2015         Spec Partners in co-operation with Nordic Geo Services
has started a 2,500km MC2D in Eastern  Indonesia. The survey is carried
out by M/V Nordic Bahari. Early Participation is also invited  for 715km of
frontier lines between the Island of Yapen and  the border with Papua New

Download map:
North Irian Jaya - 2015
For more information, email: Charles Ramsden

PGS and Spec Partners launch Abadi-Arafura-Aru
MegaProject (AAA-MP)
24.04.2014.         PGS, Horizon  and Spec Partners today at an industry
presentation in Jakarta launched the Abadi-Arafura-Aru MegaProject.
26,500km of modern long offset 2D data has been phase matched and is
the basis for detailed geological analyses by Horizon. These include tectonic
and palinspastic reconstructions from Permian to present, geochemical
modeling of all potential source rocks in the area, well failure analyses,
play fairway mapping, and prospectivity assessment.

For more information, email:
Charles Ramsden

Spec Partners' West Aru Deep 2013 PSTM data ready
for delivery
02.02.2014.         The West Aru Deep 2D long offset data set acquired in
2013 is ready for delivery. The data has been processed through PSTM by
Down Under Geo (DUG) in London. Numerous Tertiary and Cretaceous
plays with big structures have been mapped in open acreage, expected to
come up for tender in 2014.

Download data examples:  
For more information, email:  
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