Glyn F. Roberts

(Senior Partner)

Industry experience from GSI,
Haliburton, GeoVentures, TGS-Nopec,
Global Geo Services and Spectrum.
Organised Spec in NW-Europe, Africa
and America. Author of numerous
papers on prospectivity of various
Our projects are developed with extensive G&G knowledge, E&P experience together with an in depth
understanding of our legislative, political and economical environment.

The goal is a win-win for our partners and ourselves.

We strongly believe and have a proven track record we can produce quality projects in all major exploration regions
of the world.
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About us
- The Spec Catalyst
- The Spec Partner
- The Spec Organiser
Our competence is our people, our policies and our procedures.  Our people’s experience involve decades of
milestone Multi Client projects on all continents.  Our policies are based on environmental and ethical
responsibility and fair deals.

Business Practice                               HSE                                             QA                                    Environmental
     Policy                                          Policy                                         Policy                                       Policy
Trond Christoffersen

(Senior Partner)

Industry experience from Geco,
Amarok, TGS-Nopec, Global Geo
Services and Spectrum. Organised
Spec Surveys in Asia, Africa, Middle
East, Europe and America including
milestone project Persian Carpet
Charles R. Ramsden

(Senior Partner)

Industry experience from Digicon,
PGS, GGS,  consulting and oil
eploration. Organized numerous 2D
and 3D spec surveys. Author of papers
on data acquisition, processing  and
frontier exploration. Co-founder
Impact Oil & Gas.
Spec Partners Ltd
14 Caves Lane
Bedford MK40 3DR
United Kingdom